On Being a Better Painter

After doing a few workshops this past year I found myself preaching about the difference between making good paintings and being a good painter – this is a very important distinction for me – especially because I tell the workshop participants that I do not teach people how to make good paintings, but rather, I try to give them the … Read More

Bad Doubles and Painting in Saskatoon

I am on my way to Saskatoon to teach a painting workshop and my flight was delayed by 5 hours so I have some time to write a blog entry.  I hear it is very winter like in Saskatchewan right now and that that was the reason for the delay.  Still not much winter to speak of in Kamloops, but … Read More

How Did it Turn Out?

I just did two workshops and one I have one more to go next week in Saskatoon for this year.  I am already scheduled for a few next year.  I really enjoy teaching and sharing, and I get to meet so many wonderful people; it really is a happy vocation. As I mentioned in other blog posts, people love to … Read More

Another video documentary thing…

Local artist and gallery owner Karla Pearce (http://www.karlapearcegallery.com/) contacted me in the summer and asked if I wanted to do a video documentary with her.  She has done a number of videos, and writes articles for the newspaper all about painting and the art scene.  She wanted to do an outdoor shoot with the both of us painting en ‘plein … Read More