First Snow and Matching the Colors…

We got our first snow fall the other day.  It has arrived.  The days are shorter and I really notice it because I am mostly a ‘daylight’ painter.  I prefer natural light, and my studio has plenty of it, but my painting hours have been noticeably shortened and I have to turn on the lights when I am painting in … Read More

Its Getting Cold

September and October were beautiful but now it is starting to feel like winter with temperatures below zero, even during the day.  That is a bit cold for around here, it is supposed to go back up to normal temperatures this week, maybe some snow…  I actually still have a bit of garden/yard work left to do. It has been a very busy few months … Read More

Crying Over a Caravaggio

I am normally quite intellectual and analytic when it comes to viewing art.  I am a technical geek with all things related to the art of painting so tend to notice the skill in handling the materials and techniques of the craft, as well as the creative genius of the artistic elements in the work.  I really like some paintings, and even sculptures on … Read More