50 Shades of Gray

No, I am not going to give my review of the movie.  Notice that I spelled ‘gray’ with an ‘a’.  In fact, I can’t imagine ever wanting to watch that movie.  I do like movies, and I love to go to the cinema to watch them, especially if they are in 3D.  The movies I tend to like mostly have … Read More

Hey, that’s mine!

I received an email recently informing me that there is a company in China that is making copies of paintings of artists, both contemporary and historical.  I checked out the site and indeed found a page dedicated to my art, as well as several other pages devoted to artists that I know. I remember this came up a few years ago and I seem to recall … Read More

More Tech Q’s

In my 20’s I spent a few years studying books on painting conservation and treatises on painting from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance – that is how I learned how to paint.  Unfortunately, I had not learned very much in my university painting classes about the technical side of the painter’s craft.  I did learn some good stuff about design and art … Read More