Donkeys are Cute

I did a painting a while back called “Everyone Likes Donkeys Right?”  Lana and I were out for a walk in the snow and there were some donkeys in the field nearby.  I was going to include them in the painting but changed my mind. I really like the looks of the black one especially, how could you not want … Read More

So That’s How you do That!

I didn’t get much sleep Friday night after getting home from the gig we played for the Hospice fundraiser and then leaving at  6 AM for airport to fly to Calgary for the show.  It was a great evening though, the band was rockin’, the dance floor was hoppin’ and I was very happy to learn that the painting that I donated … Read More

On the Go

The local chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) just opened their annual ‘open’ show on the weekend.  There was some very good paintings and the jurors, Dean Croft, Lalita Hamill, and Barry Rafuse, had a tough job to try to pick out the awards winners.  Those of you who know me are probably aware that I do not … Read More

Momentum is Everything!

I often get asked, as many artists do, if I ever run out of ideas or inspiration.  The answer for me is always no.  As long as I keep painting, the energy and inspiration for future work is generated by the momentum of creating.  I can actually feel or ‘see’ the art I will be doing months from now.  That is … Read More