the Figures

You may have already noticed that I added yet another ‘gallery’ under the ‘Paintings’ heading on my website, this one entitled ‘Figures’.  I thought that since the figure drawings and paintings are so very different from my landscape paintings that they deserved to be featured in a separate category. I have always maintained, as did the great studios and art academies … Read More

the Archives

I am often asked if I will publish another ‘coffee table’ style book like that one from about 10 years ago entitled “Favourite Paintings”.  Since the internet has become such a dominant influence in the art market since that time the answer is probably no. The book tells the stories of some of my favourite paintings done over a 10 year period … Read More

The Lawyers

There is going to be a lot of pictures in this post.  You visual artists will like that I’m sure. I recently completed a project in which I was asked to create 3 scenes depicting Kamloops from the 1970’s.  It was fun, and it was an interesting task as well because once I had chosen the images and worked out the … Read More