How to be ‘Painterly’

I just got back from teaching a workshop in West Vancouver, right on the waterfront, it was lovely. Vancouver is a spectacular city, esp when the sun is shinning.  It is almost always sunny and warm when I am in Vancouver – even in the winter.  How unusual.  I even got to play tennis at Stanley Park with my good … Read More

Holiday Weekends and Painting Panels

A friend called a while ago to ask if we had plans for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.   “That weekend is Thanksgiving?  I think I am teaching a workshop in Vancouver”.  I checked, and I was.  I called the organizer and asked him if he was aware that it was a holiday weekend.  “I did not realize that”  he said. … Read More

Everything They Told You is Backwards.

I recently got back from a workshop in Regina and as is always the case with the kind of stuff I teach, the extent to which we have lost our way as painters in the last couple of centuries is demonstrated so clearly. One of the most common questions I am asked about my work is how I am able to create … Read More