2018 Calendar

I was in Whistler almost exactly two years ago skiing, and doing some art stuff too of course, and I will be doing a show there again at the Adele Campbell Gallery with Michael O’toole (one of my favorite painters) starting January 20.  It is a ‘Spotlight’ show with no official ‘opening’ night, so Michael and I will not be in attendance.

Here is a painting that I did for the show from a photo that I took from the top of Whistler mountain while I was skiing:

“On Top of Whistler Mtn” 16×48 acrylic on canvas

I have just updated the ‘Events Calendar’ (click on the link below) on my website with the art shows and workshops that I will be doing this year.  I may be doing one more show, and perhaps one or two more workshops in the fall, I will update the calendar if, or when, they are confirmed.

For information, or to register for a workshop, click on the link for the event on the ‘Events Calendar’ page, and then click on the link provided there which will take you to the website of the organizers of the event.  Please do not contact me to register or sign up for any of the workshops as this is all handled by the group sponsoring the event.  Note also, that some of the workshops that are taking place later in the year may not be advertised yet.

davidlangevin.com – events calendar 2018

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