Christmas Trees

I am working on the last of my holiday season collection of paintings, in fact, I am shipping most of them out tomorrow.  I made a couple of small paintings that address the theme of Christmas trees in particular, from the point of view of the trees, of course.  We always had Christmas trees growing up, I really liked them, the smell, the decorations, and especially those colored lights.  Like for many people, it was a holiday tradition in our home.  It was a real tree of course, I don’t remember seeing too many artificial trees back then.

We have a tree in our home, Lana has always wanted a Christmas tree and she finally got one this year, an artificial one, of course.  I could never bring myself to cut down a real tree, neither could Lana.  Getting a cultivated Christmas tree at the market doesn’t make us feel much better.

I don’t suppose the trees feel too good about it either.  The trees depicted in the paintings below are especially nervous because they are out in the open, and are nice and symmetrical, like a nice holiday tree decoration should be.

christmas is coming, i'm getting nervous 11x7 ap

christmas is coming, i’m getting nervous 11×7 ap

please don't cut me down for decoration 11x7 ap

please don’t cut me down for decoration 11×7 ap

Now these paintings are small, under-the-tree-gift-size you could say, a fake tree of course.  Oh the irony.

BTW, I just uploaded a few new pictures of some recent paintings on my website, go on over and have a look.  Happy Holidays!

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  1. Claude Gaumond / Montréal, QC

    Bonjour monsieur, I just tried to read your article *Light rules* on FCA’s site but apparently it was deleted and not available anymore. Could I find it somewhere else.
    Merci beaucoup et félicitations pour votre excellent travail.

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