The Art of Business – Edmonton

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The Business of Art – Financial success for the artist – 2 hr presentation

Art Society of Strathcona

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  1. Kathleen Kot

    Hi David,
    I want to attend your presentation in Edmonton in September plus the workshop.
    I have been in contact with the Art Society of Strathcona to register but they have not sorted out the details yet.
    I have been told though that the workshop there, Sept 15-17th is Mastering Acrylics part 2.
    It is not listed as part 2 – is this an oversight? Or is it part 1?
    I assume I cannot attend if I have not attended part 1.
    Thanks for clarifying David.
    I enjoy your painting style and would love to learn more about it.
    Kathleen (Ottawa)

    1. david

      Hi Kathleen, yes it is Mastering Acrylics II, you do need to have taken MA I first. I am teaching MA I in several other locations this year. You can check out the schedule on the calendar page of my site. D

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