the New Studio

the studio space (before)

the studio space (before)

I have told all my galleries that I will not be doing any shows in 2014 because we were to be moving to our new place next summer.  As it turns out, we have ended up buying the house we have been renting for the past year and half.  Still, I will have to take a few months off for renovations, and the studio space is my #1 priority.

It is quite a nice space, it is a room that is about 17×15′ with a high ceiling and lots of good northern light from large windows.  Still, I am used to having a lot more room than that – I was spoiled and had a whole house to myself for years – so I will be knocking out the wall between this and the adjacent room, which is about the same size.  That room, has a patio onto the back yard, very nice indeed for painting outdoors in the summer.  I can hardly wait to get the extra space and I will fill it up fast.  I will even have room to hang some of my guitars on the wall that are in storage right now – and yes, of course I need some guitars in my art studio.

As you can see in the picture, it can get pretty crowded in there, especially when I am working on a collection of larger paintings like the ones in the picture.  To the left of the image is my drying rack for oils, which has several paintings in various stages of completion in it as well.  I have some drop cloths on the floor over the carpet.  I will take the carpet out and paint the floor instead.

I will try to remember to post pics, or maybe a video, of the new space when it is completed.

Happy new year!

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